It’s not the ordinary deodorizer you spritz to make the smell go away, it does better when sprayed! All thanks to the handy dandy essential oils, which when spritzed on the water form a protective barrier to trap the odor underneath while casting a fresh, minty scent in the air.

Now anyone can go from from shy to outgoing -- the 🚽 with poo pride 

No more second thoughts about doing number 2 when you have the Poo Pourri with you 😉

Poo Pourri

  • Since natural ingredients don't bond naturally, please shake well before every use.

  • Keep away from heat

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Voila brings about the simplicity and potent power of nature to develop a skin care solution for every skin type. We advocate beauty and love for self and the environment, through which we believe we can enrich our well-being while sustaining the Earth.

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