The unsung hero of our make-up saga!

Apparently a simple item that you may not be needing in your entire makeup session. But once you are done with the hour-long session you might feel like something's missing from your loot. And if you can't tell what exactly, you're in the right feed.

Although the market is full of myriad choices for aqua-spritz makeup fixing formulae, there truly is no point in spending a hefty price for something loaded with chemical preservatives. Because, *drumroll* you can get a better version with ALL NATURAL ingredients! 


Made with one of the best natural hydrating ingredients you can ever use on your skin for sealing in the applied makeup products -- VEGETABLE GLYCERIN. Also, with witch hazel extract, a natural astringent, this setting spray can help with acne control by reducing inflammation and decreasing oil, while sealing your made-up look.

Magic Mist Setting Spray


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    Voila brings about the simplicity and potent power of nature to develop a skin care solution for every skin type. We advocate beauty and love for self and the environment, through which we believe we can enrich our well-being while sustaining the Earth.

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